Frequently Asked Questions

This page also includes Terms & Conditions for the sale of tickets to Radiodays Europe 2017.

Online registration and payment

 Is there an early bird discount?
 Yes, by registering before a certain date which will be announced later in the year you get the discounted price of 695 euro incl. VAT (subject to change for 2017).  After this date you will pay the normal price of 792 euro incl. VAT (subject to change for 2017).  Other prices may apply if you have a ”Partner Organisation Code” or are employd by a company which is VAT-registered in the Netherlands.
What is a ”Partner Organisation Code”?
Radiodays Europe has a number of partner organisations in different countries – see the list under ”Partners” in the horizontal menu.  If you are employed by a company that is a member of one of these organisations, the company may have got a ”Partner Organisation Code”.  If so, enter it in the form.  If you have not got any code, leave the field open and continue. Please contact the company or organisation to confirm the "Partner Organisation Code".

What credit cards are accepted?
Visa and Master cards.

What is the benefit of being part of a company with VAT-registration in the Netherlands?
For companies VAT registered in the Netherlands ”Reverse charge” applies. Radiodays Europe will not add 21% Dutch VAT on top of the price of your ticket.  For all others the price Dutch VAT at 21% is included in the price of your ticket.

Will my email-address be listed on my delegate badge and in the delegate list?
No, it will not.  Buy you will be able to send direct messages to delegates through the Radiodays Europe app (IOS and Android) before, during and after the conference.  This can be done without giving out email addresses. 

How do I know whether my payment for the ticket went through?

First you get this confirmed twice on web pages as part of the service.  But your final proofs are two mails which are being sent to the given email addresses.  One includes an invoice with Balance Due = 0,00 euro – and the other a button where you can download your ticket.

What shall I do with the ticket?
Print it out, bring it with you, get the QR-code on it scanned at the entrance and get you delegate badge to move freely around at Radiodays Europe 2017.

What happens if I come to the conference without my ticket?
If you arrive without your ticket you will be able to collect your badge from the registration desk. You must bring photo ID an allow for extra time to collect your badge. 

Can several people gain entry on the same ticket?
The QR-code on each ticket will only allow entry to the person who is named on the ticket. 
I will need an invoice for my accounting
Radiodays Europe can send invoices, please contact Camilla Kampevold for all invoice questions. 

Why is the first person in the group listed twice on the invoice – as both ”Registration” and ”Registration of Accompanying Person”?
The first person in the group is listed twice for internal Radiodays Europe policy. 

There are two sections for VAT 0 and VAT 20 in the invoice.  Why?
The VAT0 symbolises the ”Reverse charge” arrangement which applies for companies VAT-registered in the Netherlands.  While the VAT20 shows the 21% Dutch VAT which applies for all others.
Who do I contact for any issues I have with registration?

Please send a mail to -


Terms & Conditions for the sale of tickets to Radiodays Europe 2017

Cancellation policy
Registration is binding and payment for ticket will not be refunded.  If a registered delegate cannot participate after all, you can transfer the ticket to another person.  To do this – send mail to

Force Majeure
Radiodays Europe (RDE) reserves the right to modify dates, locations, schedules and programmes as well as cancel the event if caused by “force majeure”. Force majeure is any act or event beyond the control of RDE and which prevents it from executing its obligations and shall include, but not be limited to, technical failure, strike, hostilities, weather and any governmental decision affecting the event. In that case, the ticket buyer has no right to compensation from RDE.