Radiodays Catchup 2016 videos now available

Radiodays Catchup 2016 includes 30 of the best sessions at Radiodays Europe 2016 in Paris.  With this video package you can catch up with the sessions you missed and see your favourite sessions again and again to draw the maximum of learnings and takeaways out of them.  You have it available anytime, anywhere and on any device.  A good way of letting the mood and engagement of Radiodays Europe last longer.  READ MORE.

This year Radiodays Catchup is launched in two rounds.  The ones that signed up for Catch up at the conference or prior to the conference got access at a discounted price.

NowRadiodays Catchup is sold at the normal, post-conference price - open to anyone interested in what is happening in radio, whether they have been at Radiodays Europe or not.  If you want to place your order already now, send a mail to

Get an impression of the offer

Until the videostreaming on demand from RDE Paris 2016 is available for general sale after Easter, you can check out what the service will look like at Radiodays Catchup from Milan 2015.  Below you find the promo video.


 Take a look!


Below is a detailed overview over the complete content in Radiodays Catch-Up 2015. 
Radiodays Catchup 2016 includes an even larger number of sessions.