“It´s the authenticity, stupid!“

Location Track 3, Salle 252 - Date Tue, 15 Mar 2016 - Time 14:40 ~ 15:10

‘C’est l’authenticité, idiot !’

Andreas Kuhlage and Jens Hardeland (N-JOY Morning Show, NDR, Germany)

Hear and enjoy N-JOY from Hamburg. Andreas and Jens were the winners of the German Radio Price for best morning show in Germany. A morning-show with credibility has to be first and foremost this: authentic. And authenticity is the reason why the “N-JOY Morningshow mit Kuhlage & Hardeland“ has received the German Radio Award. Kuhlage and Hardeland – 2 radio hosts who have managed to perfectly transform radio’s basic skills into a modern and young radio program.


A strong profile, sporting originality, smart, entertaining, likeable and target-group-specific: these 2 are terrific!


During their panel session “Kuhlage und Hardeland“ will show – based on N-JOY’s strategic concept  – how to  attract fans to a morning-show by authenticity,  set up extraordinary program elements  by employing  focused creativity and how to bring a unique mood into existence  by  extraordinary production elements.


Audience benefit: 10 factors - how to make a morning-show even more authentic.

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