Cooking in the radio labs

Location Track 3, Salle 252 - Date Mon, 14 Mar 2016 - Time 12:15 ~ 13:00

Qu'est-ce qui mijote dans les Labs des radios?

George Wright (R&D, BBC, UK), Floris Daelemans (VRT Start-up, Belgium), Natacha Mercure and Robert Nadeau (Radio-Canada), Nick Piggott (Creative technologist, UK)

Across the world, small teams within existing broadcasters are working on crazy ideas and innovations that help radio constantly reinvent itself. Few of these ideas have been seen in public: until now. See some of the innovative ideas for radio: and decide for yourself whether they could be part of radio’s future. And, hear why every radio broadcaster - even yours - should have a lab of its own. 

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