Digital radio: Europe’s choice?

Location Track 3, Salle 252 - Date Tue, 15 Mar 2016 - Time 11:00 ~ 11:45

Radio numérique : Quel choix pour l’Europe?

Kristian Tolonen (Head of audience research, NRK, Norway), John Ryan (2ZY, UK), Joan Warner (Commercial Radio Australia) and Pierre Bellanger (Skyrock, France)

Much of Europe is going digital with DAB+. In Norway, FM will be switched off next year. But what will this do to audiences? Kristian Tolonen, Head of Audience Research at NRK, has crunched the numbers. Meanwhile in the UK, small-scale DAB multiplexes, using open technology, will have been tested for seven months. What’s been learnt by broadcasters and listeners alike? John Ryan, operator of a small-scale radio station in Manchester, tells us more. Finally in France, DAB+ is not the preferred choice of everyone. Hear why some think the future for French radio is on another platform. More speakers TBA

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