Formats - Three success stories from three countries

Location Track 2, Salle Maillot - Date Tue, 15 Mar 2016 - Time 13:45 ~ 14:25

Les formats radio : trois succès dans trois pays.

Jørgen Bøgen (DR P5, Denmark), Ursula Magnes (Radio Klassik Stephansdom, Austria), Kaj Färm (YLE, Finland)

In Denmark time spent listening for radio is growing again for the first time in more than 10 years. Responsible for this development is mainly the digital-only station P5 from the Danish Broadcasting Corporation that in one year went from number 10 to number 4 after a strategic re-shaping of the station. The station targets a mature audience with music from Elvis to Adele. In Vienna, Radio Klassik Stephansdom has shown what it takes to develop the right format for the classical music capital of the world, in fierce competition with the public broadcaster´s Ö1. After market research and program development Radio Klassik in 2015 made a major relaunch, including rebranding of the radio station’s name and a new slogan - ”switch on your feelings”. In Finland, YLE decided to turn the Koran into an educational topic. Many talked about the Koran, but who knew it? So the Koran was read on radio in 60 episodes, with explanations. A bold programme decision. How did it go?


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