Let the music play

Location Track 1, Amphi Bleu - Date Mon, 14 Mar 2016 - Time 16:00 ~ 16:40

Place à la musique

Chris Price (BBC Radio 1, UK), David Cooper (Spotify, UK)


In this session we’ll hear from 2 of the ‘big beasts’ of radio and music – BBC Radio 1 and Spotify. Chris Price has just been appointed as Head of Music for BBC Radio 1. What is the vision for Radio 1? Will it continue to be a destination for music discovery and curated content? And how can it ensure it connects with young audiences in a digital world? Spotify is at the centre of the digital music world, and it’s Head of Sales, David Cooper will share with us the reasons behind the ubiquity of Spotify, but also look at the importance of data to the company and how it drives everything they do, from data driven content, through to reinvented interfaces. The future of broadcasting and streaming music come together!

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