Mobile - a giant leap forward

Location Track 1, Amphi Bleu - Date Mon, 14 Mar 2016 - Time 14:00 ~ 14:45

Le mobile : un énorme bond en avant 

Gunnar Garfors (IDAG, Norway), Graham Dixon (EBU, Switzerland), Joan Warner (Commercial Radio Australia), Helen Boaden (BBC, UK), Michael Hill (Director, Radioplayer, UK), Nicole Winkler (Frauenhofer, DE)


The best portable radio is the one you have with you: your mobile phone. But few mobile phones have FM radio inside, and none currently have DAB+. So why is broadcast radio important to add to a mobile phone - what are the advantages to broadcasters? What happens if radio station apps can use an inbuilt broadcast radio chip in a mobile? See the next generation mobile apps that include broadcast radio as standard: and be the first to hear a history-making announcement.

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