Morning radio superstars – “in talent we trust”

Location Track 1, Amphi Bleu - Date Mon, 14 Mar 2016 - Time 12:15 ~ 13:00

Les superstars des matinales : "In talent we trust!"

Bruno Guillon (FUN Radio, France), Gry Forssell (Mix Megapol, Sweden), Elvis Duran (Z100, USA) and Kris Fade (Virgin Radio, Dubai) in conversation with Dennis Clark (IHeart, USA)


What is the recipe for success for major shows in major markets such as Paris, Dubai and Stockholm?

What do they do that others don’t, to make them successful? Is it just about Talent and hard work?  What are the similarities in their approach or are there differences?


Alongside this, Dennis Clark will also explore the way three morning shows work and, the way they win. Whether your show is local or national, this will be a compelling session that’s a must for those who want to learn how to win in the hardest fought time of day in any markets.

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