The new generation of listeners/Generation Instant pay off

Location Track 2, Salle Maillot - Date Tue, 15 Mar 2016 - Time 10:00 ~ 10:40

The new generation of listeners

Une nouvelle génération d'auditeurs

Patrick Collins (Head of youth audiences, BBC, UK)

The struggle to capture the attention of young radio listeners is harder than ever. Smartphones, music streaming and social media – never before has there been so much choice. But what are the needs of young listeners today? Patrick Collins (Head of Youth Audiences for the BBC) will share the results from a very recent BBC youth and media needs project. An ethnographic study that aims to get underneath the statistics of youth media usage in the UK. This session will update you on the latest research and knowledge on youth and media usage.  


Generation Instant pay off

Les 13/29 ans : la génération qui peut tout changer

Tina Skov GretlundLene Heiselberg (Audience researchers, DR, Denmark)

Changes in media habits happen surprisingly fast. Smartphone is now the dominating device among teenagers and young adults. YouTube and Facebook have become the dominating brands among 13-29 year olds. They love music but radio as we know it is under pressure. Only 7 % answer that they would miss public service content the most if they had to live without some of the biggest brands providing media content. Public Service content is under pressure! The competition is fierce and very much global. Audience researchers from The Danish Broadcasting Corporation will present a study about the 13-29 year olds media habits. The study is conducted across the Nordic countries.


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