The power of local

Location Track 2, Salle Maillot - Date Tue, 15 Mar 2016 - Time 12:00 ~ 12:45

Le pouvoir du local

Inga Vind (DR, Denmark), Robert Frisk (P4 & P5 Radio Stockholm, SR, Sweden), Adam Rudawski (Radio Szczecin, Poland)

Radio´s core is about being live, local and getting involved in the community. In this session we will hear about different ways of using the power of local. In rural Denmark P4 Syd launched “we love where you live” - a project that involved hundreds of inhabitants in the region, who shared their unique stories on the radio and while sharing it, sharing photos as well. And in doing so, brought the region together. In Stockholm, Swedish Radio developed a strategy to make both its stations in the capital more popular and more diverse – to keep up with the changing demographic of the capital of Sweden. Rethinking the concept of “local”. Radio Szczecin was ranked 11th in the market - in 2015 it was taken to number the one position. What are the barriers for a public radio to grow its audience, and how do you implement know how and 

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