Radio in France – for outsiders

Location Track 3, Salle 252 - Date Mon, 14 Mar 2016 - Time 16:00 ~ 16:40

Etat des lieux de la radio en France

Benoit Cassaigne (Senior VP, Médiamétrie), Serge Schick (Radio France), Sylvain Rodinson (Radios Associatives), Frederic Degouy (Next Radio TV), Frederic Degouy (Next Radio TV)


Radio listening is high in France and the French radio industry is diverse. Music radio, talk radio, regional radio, community radio – and more. From the big public broadcasters flagships like France Info of Radio France, to successful commercial groups such as NRJ, RTL and Lagardère, to a variety of smaller commercial stations, independent stations and digital stations.

In this session researchers and some of the French broadcasters will give an overview of trends in the French radio market.

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