Radio Summit

Location Track 1, Amphi Bleu - Date Mon, 14 Mar 2016 - Time 15:00 ~ 15:45

Le sommet des radios

Graham Bryce (Bauer, UK), Menno Koningsberger (Radio 538, NL), Heinz-Dieter Sommer, HR/ARD, Germany), Marius Lillelien (NRK, Norway)


The Radio Summit is a session with four top-level radio executives from leading European broadcasters, both private and public. They share their views on present challenges and opportunities for radio. Each of them will present one central point in a 2 minute speech – and then move on in a discussion about collaborations, competition and the future of the radio medium.


Travis Baxter (External Affairs Director, Bauer Media UK), Menno Koningsberger (CEO, 538 Group, the Netherlands), Heinz-Dieter Sommer (Deputy CEO, Hessischer Rundfunk, ARD, Germany), Marius Lillelien (Head of Radio, NRK, Norway).

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