Storytelling in new medias

Location Track 2, Salle Maillot - Date Tue, 15 Mar 2016 - Time 14:40 ~ 15:10

Le storytelling dans les nouveaux médias

Bianca Giaever (Radio producer and film maker, USA)

How can a radio story use visual elements to enhance the storytelling and add new dimensions to the voices and sounds recorded? In this very inspiring session about storytelling in new ways, Bianca Giaever discusses the history of her very personal work combining radio with other mediums, particularly video. She'll explain her path to working in radio and video, show examples of her work, and discuss her experiences from working in radio and the arts thus far. She'll also explain her process making work and share what makes a good story. Bianca Giaever is a filmmaker and radio producer. Her work has been featured on This American Life, Radiolab, New York Times, and the TED conference. 

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