Strike a chord / The little green dragon can sell everything

Location Track 3, Salle 252 - Date Mon, 14 Mar 2016 - Time 10:15 ~ 11:00

Strike a chord

Trouver une résonnance

Mark Barber (Planning director, Radiocentre, UK)


Based on the UK study ‘strike a chord’, Mark Barber will show how brands can use music and enhance brand communication. Everybody acknowledges that music can be a powerful tool for advertising. Working at a subtle, almost subliminal level, music can trigger an emotional response. Used consistently, music works strategically, creating presence for the brand and acting as a bonding agent between different parts of the campaign.


The little green dragon can sell everything

Story-selling" : le petit dragon vert peut tout vendre

Uroš Bogdanović (Creative director, KrAn studio, Serbia)


Selling is an art. But sometimes people just don’t recognize an artist and his work. Radio advertising can be taken to the next level. Just add one little green dragon to your radio station.

This is a story how to get revenue with usage of advanced mind techniques, and how to educate clients (both direct and media buying agencies) showing them the power of radio. Those techniques should be used in programmes as well. Where and how to put that little green dragon? Join me and my little green dragon and enter into new field of story-selling (storytelling and selling).  Uroš Bogdanović was well known radio host in Serbia.



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