Winning the first tune-in occasion of the day

Location Track 4, Salle 242 - Date Mon, 14 Mar 2016 - Time 11:20 ~ 12:00

Soyez le premier choix des auditeurs quand ils allument la radio

Daniel Anstandig (CEO, Futuri Media, USA)


Research has shown that the media outlet that wins the “first tune-in occasion” of the day tends to lead the market in ratings. During this session, we’ll get a better understanding of how to win the first tune-in each day—and we’ll understand how TV, radio, and digital (in particular, mobile) are competing for consumers from the moment they awaken. In this session, you’ll see research from radio stations around the world that have driven ratings growth by focusing on this particular tune-in.

This session is sponsored and produced by Futuri Media.

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