Year of the podcast

Location Track 3, Salle 252 - Date Mon, 14 Mar 2016 - Time 15:00 ~ 15:45

L’année du podcast

Dean Cappello (EVP and Chief Content Officer, WNYC, USA

2015 was hailed “the year of the podcast" as if it were a brand-new medium, but much of on-demand audio is about taking the best of what’s always worked and setting it in a new context. In this session, Dean Cappello (EVP and Chief Content Officer at WNYC New York) will talk about the enduring values of the best audio, identifying and supporting talent, cultivating a creative community, and what creative people - both in front of and behind the mic - need to do their best work.

In the UK, the BBC has also seen a renewed interest in its programmes. BBC Radio Audiences have been reviewing all of this activity via data analysis and newly-commissioned research. Alison Winter (Head of Head of Audiences for BBC Radio and Music) will share some of this thinking, with specific pointers on how to maximise this unique format and where future opportunities for podcasts might lie. 

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