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This page gives you access to your profile and to useful information about internal speaker preparations.

We would like you to enter your profile first.  In addition to your contact info we need material from you to present you at our web site and later on in our printed programme.  Please send us these three elements:

  • a portrait of yourself in high resolution.  That is at least 480 x 480 pixels.
  • a short bio about yourself, starting with your present situation and adding earlier merits. 
  • a suggestion for a description of the session you will participate in.

See examples below.

1) 480 x 480 pixel picture

2) 600 character speaker bio

Sam Cavanagh
Executive producer, AUS

Sam Cavanagh is an award winning Australian radio producer. He won the the award "Best Show Producer, Australian Commercial Radio Awards"  three times  from 2007 -  2009. He is presently the executive producer of The Hamish & Andy Show. The Hamish & Andy Show  is an Australian radio show created by and starring comedic duo Hamish Blake & Andy Lee. The show is the highest-rating radio series in Australian history, consistently gaining up to 20% market share in the crucial Melbourne market. The show has approximately 2.7 million listeners, and has over 1 million podcast downloads each week.

3) Session description

Making radio personalities relevant in 2015

Dennis Clark (Vice President of Talent Development for iHeartMedia, USA)

How do you ensure your radio personalities are relevant in 2015, and what are the best ways to guarantee they’re connecting with their audience every time they open the microphone?

In this session, Dennis Clark will talk about the importance of presenters ‘being real’ and how this strategy can lead to talent becoming big stars in their market.

He’ll draw on his unrivalled experience from working on some of the most successful shows on US radio, and share with us techniques used by the biggest names in the business.