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Andreas Kuhlage
Jens Hardeland
Morning show hosts

„It´s the authenticity, stupid!“


Not each day is a fabolous day, not each city in the regional broadcasting area is the most beautiful city in the world.

A morning-show with credibility has to be first and foremost this: authentic. And authenticity is the reason why the „N-JOY Morningshow mit Kuhlage & Hardeland“ has received the German Radio Award, i.e. „Deutscher Radiopreis“.

Kuhlage and Hardeland – 2 radio hosts who have managed to perfectly transform radio’s basic skills into a modern and young radio program.

A strong profile, sporting originality, smart, entertaining, likeable and target-group-specific: these 2 are terrific!

During their panel session „Kuhlage und Hardeland“ will show – based on N-JOY’s strategic concept  – how to  attract fans to a morning-show by authenticity,  set up extraordinary program elements  by employing  focused creativity and how to bring a unique mood into existence  by  extraordinary production elements.

Audience benefit: 10 factors - how to make a morning-show even more authentic.

Panel speakers: Andreas Kuhlage and Jens Hardeland


Andreas Kuhlage (41) and Jens Hardeland (43) are professional radio hosts since the 1990s – and this with passion. 2015 they received the German Radio Award, i.e. „Deutscher Radiopreis“  in the category of  “best morningshow”.

Both have their origin in the regional broadcasting area of „their” radio program „N-JOY“ (Andreas Kuhlage born in Rostock / Germany’s East, Jens Hardeland in Hannover / Germany’s Lower Saxony) and they have played an integral part in the processes of creation  and transformation of „N-JOY“.

Kuhlage started his career being a reporter at the N-JOY office in Rostock, presenting stories from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Since that time he has been the host of almost every show that has  been on air, starting with music specials like „N-JOY Soundfiles“, the drivetime-show „Keller & Kuhlage“, and – except for a 3-year break – continuously the „N-JOY Morningshow“ since 2002.

Jens Hardeland has been with N-JOY hosting the „N-JOY Morningshow“ since  2000, after finishing his traineeship at Radio Gong 97,1. As from 2007 he had hosted the drivetime show at radio ffn in Hannover for 4 years before coming back to N-JOY in 2011 to host the „N-JOY Morningshow mit Kuhlage & Hardeland“ every morning from 5 – 9 a.m again.

Their strong social media presence as well as their video contributions have made them the tri-medial faces of „N-JOY“.